About Us

Alchemy Power

Founded in 2011, Alchemy Power Inc. designs products for power and energy markets.

Some of our products generate power using wind as the renewable power source. The products designed are efficient and generate power in low wind speed environments. The average wind speed on Earth is approximately 7-10 mph (3-4.5 m/s). Many of the wind turbines in today’s market are not operational at these speeds. Our solution: the patented Wind-Accelerator(TM) technology. It dramatically increases the throughput and power production capacity of the turbine, even in these low wind speeds. This technology allows our products to produce power where others cannot! This increases the annual power production, improving the Return on Investment (ROI).

Some other products measure power using the Raspberry Pi platform and allow users to use the products in other creative manner as well.

Other products extend the life of power supplies and power systems.