Energy Fundamentals

Energy is additive

Once the source of energy is found, the effective output energy is the sum of all the individual sources (for the purists – loss of conversion).

How does industry tap into the energy being additive?

Hydro energy generator:  Based on the demand power authority, a typical hydro energy plant has multiple generators spinning (eg Hoover Dam, Niagara Falls).

Gas and coal fried: most have multiple turbines that spin up or down based on the demand.

Solar technology: Each solar cell can produce a limited quantity of power of 100-200 Watts and yet it is possible for solar farms to generate thousands of watts using solar cells in series and parallel.

Wind turbine technology:  Just as solar cells be connected in arrays, so too can wind turbines also be connected in a series or in parallel to generate thousands of watts.

Batteries:  Each cell in a battery generates typically 1.4 volts and a few milliAmps of current. Yet electric cars create battery packs of thousands of watts by attaching the cells in series and parallel.

If more power is needed, multiple Alchemy turbines can be connected to maximize power generation i.e. in a rooftop array.