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flexVolta front back view

flexVolta – flexible DC Power. Output can be adjusted from 4.7V to 80V. Input can be 9V to 75V DC.



Ever need a power supply which could adjust Voltage from 4.7V DC to 80 V DC? Need DC Voltage you can control? Constrained by your existing power supply? flexVolta is a compact add-on to an existing DC power supply – whether it is a bench power supply or a power adapter. flexVolta frees you up from DC power constraints. Simply connect your existing DC power source to flexVolta and flexVolta becomes the ideal power supply. flexVolta converts DC input Voltage – from 9V to 75V – to any Voltage (4.7V to 80V), adjusted by two knobs on flexVolta. One knob is for coarse adjustment and the other for fine adjustment. The output Voltage and current is displayed on the convenient meter provided on flexVolta. This meter allows the voltage level to be set quickly. A universal DC power cable with over 28 different DC adapters allows flexVolta to be plugged into most equipment available today.

flexVolta output connectors

Over 29 different connectors make it easy and convenient to connect to any DC powered device.

flexVolta operates typically between 90% to 95% efficiency[1], meeting efficiency standards set by agencies.  Input DC power can be any DC power-source, for example, an existing lab or a bench power supply, a car battery, a switching power adapter (e.g. computer laptop adapter), a solar panel, or a power adapter in an automobile (usually called a cigarette lighter adapter). flexVolta converts and improves the input source by eliminating ripple and providing a stable output. Safety is built in flexVolta.

flexVolta can be customized to meet your requirements. Please contact Alchemy Power Inc. for your customization needs.


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  • Wide input DC range – 9V to 75V DC.
  • Wide output range – from 4.7V to 80V.
  • Adjustable output – easy to set desired output V.
  • Maximum output current of 10 Amps.
  • Safety – Fast-blow fuse for input. 10A current limit for output.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Stable – Voltage fluctuation is less than 0.5% under normal load across full operating range.
  • Clean power – low Voltage ripple of less than 1%.
  • Includes Voltage and Current meter to monitor output Voltage and current.
  • Includes coarse and fine output Voltage adjustment knobs.
  • Compact, light-weight.

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flexVolta powers most DC appliances and other DC powered devices. For example, medical devices, army electronics, PoE devices, security cameras, surveillance cameras etc.flexVolta lab power supply

flexVolta can extend the capabilities of a lab or bench power supply. Most lab power supplies are limited to 18V or 30V. Using flexVolta the output can be extended to 80V.flexVolta power adapter input

A medical device requires 48V DC. Another device, e.g. a security camera requires 48V DC. flexVolta with a regular power adapter can provide power. In this example, a laptop power adapter, will provide the 48V required by the medical device and the PoE device.

flexVolta can be used with solar panels to operate appliances such as battery chargers, inverters or other appliances. Connect the solar panel to the input and get a regulated, constant output V – a situation ideal for charging batteries or running other electronics.flexVolta Solar input

Solar panels can be used as a DC source and provide stable Voltage to charge a battery. Battery charger and battery management systen not shown in the picture…

Most army electronics operate at 28V. Power source from automobiles is 12V. flexVolta enables Army personnel to operate 28V electronics using the outlet from their automobiles.flexVolta automobile input

Using 12V from an automobile, 28V electronics can be powered using flexVolta.

What can you use flexVolta with?

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Technology Corner

Voltage Stability

Power supplies behave differently under load and no-load. Measurements shown below were done using a bench power supply. The Power Supply Output Voltage was restricted to 60V in some situations. The no-load and load curves are shown.flexVolta stability

The graph above indicates the output Voltage is very stable across the input Voltage range. Output Voltage varies as little as 0.4V in load and no-load conditions across full input V range.

100 Ohms resistive load was the load. NL = no load. L = 100 Ohms load. Readings taken at 72V, 48V, 24V and 12V. 24V and 12V Load and no-load curves overlap, indicating flexVolta adjusts dynamically.

The output is very stable – changing less than 0.4V across the range used in testing.

Conversion Efficiency

Power supplies behave differently under load and no-load. Conversion efficiency determines the heat generated by the unit and wasted power. For flexVolta, the larger the difference between the input and output V, the lower the efficiency. It is best to have the output Voltage be around + or – 20% of input Voltage – however, sometimes that is not possible due to limitations of the power supply!!!flexVolta conversion efficiency

The graph above shows the conversion efficiency across full input Voltage range. Note a small difference between input and out Voltage yields maximum efficiency.

Ripple Voltage

All power supplies have some ripple. Ripple is generally unwanted AC that rides on top of the DC voltage. Below are some graphs of measured ripple Voltage on flexVolta. First we start with a 18V, 3A power supply and add a 100 Ohms load and measure the ripple.flexVolta ripple

A reputable bench power supply with a 100 Ohms load displays a ripple of around 3%. Output set to 18V.flexVolta ripple volage under load

The power supply shown above was connected to flexVolta with the same 100 Ohms load and the ripple measured at 20V. Ripple is at 0.76%. flexVolta improved the existing power supply!flexVolta ripple under load at 40V

Same power supply connected to flexVolta and the ripple measured at 40V. Ripple is at 0.59%.flexVolta ripple under load at 60V

Ripple measured on flexVolta at 60V. Ripple is at 0.78%.flexVolta ripple across range of voltage

Ripple Voltage across the entire operating range of flexVolta is less than 1%.

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