Alchemy’s patented design enables its products to produce power at lower wind speeds. The products are insensitive to wind direction. Areas that have lower average wind speed are markets for Alchemy. Roof-tops, urban environments, and rural areas are all natural fits for Alchemy products. The hundreds of thousands of off-grid homes (in the U.S. alone) are another key natural market. Alchemy is well suited for this “Personal Micro Grid” market.

In the chart below, all of the average wind speeds are below the 11 meters/second (24.6 mph) level that wind turbines are rated at. Clearly, it is very difficult to consistently get that wind speed. Due to it’s patented design and accelerator, Alchemy Power wind turbine products are able to generate meaningful and significant power at 3 meters/second.

NREL Wind Speed Chart at 30m with Population Overlay

NREL Wind Speed Chart at 30m with Population Overlay

The developing world is well-suited for Alchemy Wind turbine products. The off-grid network is growing fast. The industry trade association, GSMA, estimates that by 2012 there will be 639,000 off-grid cell towers in the developing world. Furthermore, Africa has more cell phone users than either the U.S. or the E.U.split_devel_world







The cellphone network towers have to get power from somewhere–normally it would be via the electrical grid. Recently, because the cellphone networks and towers have proliferated rapidly into off grid, remote locations, these towers must get their power from diesel generators, solar, or wind.