PiZ-EzConnect KIT- customize your GPIO connector


PiZ EzConnect KIT

PiZ-EzConnect KIT allows you to customize and build your own GPIO connector for a Raspberry Pi or a Pi-clone (e.g. Asus Tinker, PiOrange etc.) All 40 pins used by the Raspberry Pi are exposed. Soldering is required.

KIT includes:

Twelve, two port terminal blocks
Two three port terminal blocks
One 2×20 male header pins for Raspberry Pi without a male header
(e.g. Pi Zero or Pi Zero W)
One Pi-EzConnect board
One Pi male/female header pin

Using a PiZ-EzConnect board, it is possible to connect multiple sensors and other electronic devices / components to multiple GPIOs on a Raspberry Pi. PiZ-EzConnect-KIT makes it possible to customize it to suite your needs. With PiZ-EzConnect-KIT, you can leverage the full capability of a Raspberry Pi. Soldering is required.
PiZ-EzConnect pinout 40-pin header

Pi Models Supported

Supported Pi ModelsBy default, we ship the larger, 40 pin connectors which works with the Raspberry Pi+ (models A+, B+, Pi-2 and Pi-3, and other vendors adhering to the HAT standard). Pi-Zero is also supported, as long as a 40 pin header is soldered onto the Pi-Zero. The mounting holes for the standoff for Pi-zero are such that only two standoffs can be connected.

Older models of the Raspberry Pi with a 26 pin header are not supported