PiZ-EzConnect – Connect Pi Zero to the Real World


PiZ-EzConnect with header pins and additional terminal blocks

PiZ-EzConnect allows connection to any Raspberry Pi header pins via a terminal block. Like the Pi-EzConnect board, PiZ-EzConnect conforms to the Pi Zero dimensions, making this a nice, compact, easy to use and connect GPIO’s to a Pi. Pi Zero with a PiZ-EzConnect footprint

PiZ-EzConnect exposes the 40-pin header available on a Raspberry Pi. All odd numbered pins are accessible via terminal blocks Pins 2, 4 and 6 are exposed via a terminal block as those pins provide Power and Ground. Other even numbered pins are left to the discretion of the user.

A male header block is included for Pi Zero or Pi Zero W users.

PiZ-EzConnect can be used wherever the Pi-EzConnect is used. The compact form factor makes it convenient for use with Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, Pi 2, Pi 3 or other Raspberry Pi clones conforming to the Pi-HAT standards. These include OrangePi, Asus Tinker Boards and other boards.

Additional terminal blocks can be added to PiZ-EzConnect board. These terminal blocks are standard 3.5mm terminal blocks (3.5mm is the distance between the pins). These terminal blocks are readily available from any electronic component supply places.

Using a PiZ-EzConnect board, it is possible to connect multiple sensors and other electronic
devices / components to multiple GPIOs on a Raspberry Pi. With PiZ-EzConnect, you can
leverage the full capability of a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi 40pin Header layout pertaining to PIZ-EzConnect

Pi Models Supported

Supported Pi ModelsBy default, we ship the larger, 40 pin connectors which works with the Raspberry Pi+ (models A+, B+, Pi-2 and Pi-3, and other vendors adhering to the HAT standard). Pi-Zero is also supported, as long as a 40 pin header is soldered onto the Pi-Zero. The mounting holes for the standoff for Pi-zero are such that only two standoffs can be connected.

Older models of the Raspberry Pi with a 26 pin header are not supported