The Alchemy Power Inc. XPS-1600 uses a patented (US Patent # US 8314508 B2) wind-accelerator to produce power in low wind environments. XPS-1600 produces power more often – even in low wind speeds – thus improving annual power production and reducing the payback period!

The average wind speed on Earth is approximately 7 mph – 9 mph or around 3.1 m/s – 4 m/s and most conventional wind turbines are incapable of generating power at these speeds. Whereas XPS-1600, with a cut-in wind speed of 5 mph or 2.2 m/s (a very gentle breeze) produces consumable power of 38 Watts at 7 mph!! There is enough power to charge a 12 V battery at these low wind speeds!!!

XPS-1600 installed in Davis, CA.

XPS-1600 installed in Davis, CA.

The annual power produced by XPS-1600 at 5 m/s wind is over 2,600 kW-hrs. This provides a faster payback period for XPS-1600 users.


XPS-1600 Annual Power Produced at different wind speeds. This is calculated based on the Weibull model.

The power produced by the XPS-1600 varies on the wind speed. At wind speeds of 11 m/s the power produced by the XPS-1600 is over 1600 Watts.


XPS-1600 Power curve.

Watch the videos and compare the XPS-1600 to a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) in low wind speeds (6-7 mph wind speeds or 3.1 m/s wind speed) and in moderate wind speeds (10-12 mph winds or 4.5 to 5.5 m/s wind speeds.) Note the background noise is the noise of the wind and not the turbine. The high pitch noise is from the HAWT. The HAWT is placed next to the XPS-1600 to show the difference the Alchemy Patented Accelerator makes. Watch the early prototype work done by Alchemy Power Inc. to validate the technology before producing the XPS-1600.

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