Alchemy Power Inc.

Alchemy Power Inc. designs and sells power related products. Some of our products focus on energy generated from wind. Some other products focus on using the Raspberry Pi as a embedded intelligent platform. Some others focus on using power well.

While we continue to design, test and sell wind energy related products, we also design, test and sell some Raspberry Pi components and boards or HATs.

We will announce other products related to energy and power soon.

Alchemy Wind Turbine with Patented Accelerator

Alchemy Power Inc. Model XPS-1600 in Davis, CA. The Patented Accelerator accelerates the wind at low speeds improving the overall power generation of the Model XPS-1600.

Founded in 2011, Alchemy Power Inc. designs and markets products for generating power from the wind, especially low wind speeds.

Low wind speed is prevalent everywhere, including urban areas and roof tops.  In fact, the average wind speed on Earth, 3 m/s or 7mph is considered “low wind speed”. At low wind speeds, it is not sufficient for the wind turbine to simply turn or rotate. The turbine has to generate consumable power. Even at low wind speeds. As the wind speed increases, the consumable power increases as well.

Alchemy’s products are designed to be deployed in a few hours and last for years.

Why does low wind speed matter?

Most places on earth have an average wind speed of 3 m/s. If the wind turbines available in the market today are deployed – most of them will not even spin. Some of them will turn or rotate, but will not produce consumable power.  Click here to learn more about why low wind speeds matter.

Using the patented Alchemy Wind-Accelerator™, Alchemy Power Inc. accelerates the wind speed and focuses this accelerated wind on the turbine. This increases the power generated by the wind turbine significantly.  There is no magic to this. The physics of this was explained by Bernoulli.   Read more on how it all happens.

Alchemy Power Inc. is in the process of testing wind energy generation products at this time.