Alchemy Power Inc. does magical things with Power.

  • Power from renewable energy sources, e.g. wind, solar, etc.
  • Power electronics to leverage and use renewable energy sources
  • Power electronics for daily use
  • Magical things for Raspberry Pi

Featured Products


Provides uninterruptible power (or UPS) to the Pi for many hours. Pi-UpTimeUPS also allows power mobility.

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UPS and power mobility for the Pi Zero or Pi Zero W

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A sixteen (16) channel or a 16 port Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) board or HAT.

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Powered half-size breadboard ideal for Raspberry Pi™, compatible with Arduino & other development boards. Use with a Raspberry Pi or ...

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Introduced in 2015, this board or HAT allows multiple digital sensors or GPIO to be securely connected to a Raspberry ...

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PiZ-EzConnect allows connection to any Raspberry Pi header pins via a terminal block in a Pi Zero form factor

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PiZ-EzConnect KIT

PiZ-EzConnect KIT customize and build your own GPIO connector for a Raspberry Pi/Pi Zero

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Model XPS-1600 produces 1624 watts of power at 11 m/s wind speeds. Model XPS-1600 produces power when no other wind ...

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See where all our products are used today!

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