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We want to hear from you. Check back often as we add stories from customers using Alchemy Power, Inc’s Raspberry Pi HATs for their projects. If you have story to share, please contact us to let us know about your creative use of our technology to solve a problem.

Pi in a Pipe

Happy Birthday Doug, and thanks for sharing great ideas using Alchemy Power Inc. products. See his blog to learn more about DIY projects using Pi products.


PiZero W with PiZ Uptime – Datalogger Bike Computer

Follow along at Chris’ blog as builds a PiZero W based bike computer platform (with UPS power from a PiZ-UpTimeUPS) allowing him to log and graph any type of data he can imagine.

The Kitchen Sink

PiZ-Uptime review at the Kitchen Sink blog

PiZ-Uptime review at the Kitchen Sink blog








Follow Peter Scargill on his blog “The Kitchen Sink” where he discusses the PiZ-UpTimeUPS and Pi-UpTimeUPS products