Alchemy Power Inc doing magical things for power! Our products focus on technologies relating to power generation, delivery, and monitoring. The Raspberry Pi platform is not only a great DYI learning tool, but also with real world application. We use it to build our monitoring tools for our power generating products, and now you can also make use of our products for your projects.

Raspberry Pi
Pi-UpTime UPSProducts Pi-UpTimeUPS
Pi-UpTimeUPS – provides uninterruptible power (or UPS) to the Pi for many hours. Pi-UpTimeUPS also allows power mobility. Compact and securely connected, Pi-UpTimeUPS allows you to take the Pi with you without having to shut-down and reboot it. Software monitors battery level and can shutdown the Pi when battery runs low.


PiZ-UpTimeProducts PiZ-Uptime
Provides uninterruptible power (or UPS) to the Pi Zero and Pi Zero W. A USB out port and a micro-USB to micro-USB cable (included in the package) allows the PiZ-UpTime to operate the Pi-Zero without the headers installed. PiZ-UpTime can also be used with Raspberry Pi-2 or Pi-3 for shorter UPS run time than a Pi-UpTimeUPS. Sample software allows the battery to be monitored and shutdown the Pi when the battery runs low. Note header pins are needed to read the GPIO status for battery monitoring and automatic shutdown.


Pi-BB-RPSProducts Pi-BB-RPS powered breadboard with redundant power
Pi-BB-RPSis a powered breadboard designed for the Raspberry Pi. Use with a Raspberry Pi or standalone for prototyping work. Additionally, it provides Redundant Power Supply capability. Power source priority is given to the 7V to 24V DC-in power source (via the terminal block in the bottom right hand side). Secondary power is the micro-USB power. Power is switched seamlessly between these two sources.


Pi-BBProducts Pi-BB powered breadboard
Pi-BB is a powered breadboard designed for the Raspberry Pi.
Use with a Raspberry Pi or standalone for prototyping work.


Pi-EzConnectProducts Pi-EzConnect
Pi-EzConnect – introduced in 2015, this board or HAT allows multiple digital sensors or GPIO to be securely connected to a Raspberry Pi.



PiZ-EzConnectProducts PiZ-EzConnect
PiZ-EzConnect allows connection to any Raspberry Pi header pins via a terminal block. Like the Pi-EzConnect board, PiZ-EzConnect conforms to the Pi Zero dimensions, making this a nice, compact, easy to use, and connect GPIO’s to a Pi Zero.


PiZ-EzConnect KITProducts PiZ-EzConnect KIT
PiZ-EzConnect KIT allows you to customize build your own GPIO connector for a Raspberry Pi or a Pi-clone (e.g. Asus Tinker, PiOrange etc.) All 40 pins used by the Raspberry Pi are exposed.



Pi-16ADCProducts pi-16adc
Pi-16ADC – a sixteen (16) channel or a 16 port Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) board or HAT. Software, user manual and interface to rpimonitor is provided.



Renewable Power
XPS-1600Products xps-1600
Alchemy Power Inc. Model XPS-1600 produces 1624 watts of power at 11 m/s wind speeds. Model XPS-1600 produces power when no other wind turbine can.  At 7 mph winds (appx 3.1 m/s wind speed) the XPS-1600 produces over 38 Watts of power – enough power to charge a 12-V battery in a given day.

Alchemy Power Inc. has a unit installed in Davis. All measurements were done on that unit. The measurement was over a period of four months.

Alchemy Power Inc. plans to use a Raspberry Pi (see Raspberry Pi foundation) to calculate and measure the XPS-1600 performance parameters such as wind speed, input voltage, output voltage etc. As part of the development effort, we created two products for the Raspberry Pi which we plan to use. We feel these products will be useful to the Raspberry Pi user community. Since making these products available, Alchemy Power Inc. has already sold a number of these products to satisfied users. See the product information and associated link to purchase these products.